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Cristian Velarde studies Acting, Acting Direction and Cinematography over the span of ten years in different schools and workshops in Los Angeles, California. Simultaneously he obtains ample experience as technician in diverse areas of the US film and television Industries, working in commercial spots, corporate documentaries, TV shows, music videos, documentaries and features; in some of this projects as Director of Photography.

He returns to Venezuela in 1987. The jobs done in this country include: music-videos, commercial spots, corporate documentaries, industrial documentaries for a variety of production companies, and short fiction films.
From 1989 until 93 he works for CINESA-NOTICOLOR and BOLIVAR FILMS (respectively the largest documentary production company and feature and commercial production company in the country), doing commercial spots, corporate, documentary series and feature documentaries as Director, Director of Photography and Screenwriter. Also, he has designed and executed Workshops in the areas of Direction of Photography, Screen Writing and Direction at the Universidad del Zulia (Zulia State University), and the Universidad de Carabobo (Carabobo State University) for a span of four years, as well as other Academies as CENPROAU and the CENTRO DE DIRECTORES CINEMATOGRÁFICOS in Caracas.

He was a founding member of the TALLER DEL METODO (Method Workshop) where he participated as Associate Producer and Technical Director in the theater plays from the group, as well as Instructor in the areas of Acting Direction, Film Direction, Direction of Photography and Film Scriptwriting.

In 1996 creates CRISTIÁN VELARDE PRODUCCIONES, a film and video production company, with sophisticated equipments located in Valencia city. With this company he produces, shoots and postproduces all kinds of film and video productions for the region and the capital city markets.

In 2003 he travels to Spain and teaches a few courses for different film schools, including the Instituto del Cine Madrid-NIC.

From 2004 to 2010: he is called back to Madrid by the Instituto del Cine Madrid-NIC. He settles in Madrid, Spain, and becomes head of the Direction of Photography Department of the Institute until july 2010.

In 2006 until the present: parallel to the above activity, he establishes his production company: Metodo Madrid Producciones SL.

With this company he produces all kinds of films and filmmaking courses and workshops.

Cristian's experience capability to operate and direct personnel in the following lines:

  • Camera operation and Direction of Photography in HD, DSLR, Ultra High Definition, Cine 35mm and 16mm: all equipments in the market.

  • Optical adapters: all in the market.

  • Lighting: all the equipment in the market.

Languages: Spanish and English fluently.






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